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FAQ! Smartphone Repairs – Why So Expensive?

The cost of iPhone screen repair:

While some may say that iPhone screen repairs cost far too much, unfortunately phone providers know they have a captive audience. There are cheaper options out there. But unfortunately, if you want to repair a cracked screen without invalidating your warranty, you’re going to have no choice but to fork out for Apple to do it themselves.

And if you do go to Apple, your iPhone screen repair costs could be upwards of £136 – and even as high as £286 for cracked screen repair on the newest iPhone X model, although this constantly changes. Could you find that much money at short notice?

With our iPhone insurance, cracked screen expense will be a thing of the past. And if for any reason your device is irreparably damaged, we’ll replace it within 24 hours of your claim being approved.

The cost of Samsung phone repair:

The story for Samsung users with cracked phone screens isn’t much different! Samsung phone repair starts from £99.99 for an older model, rising to £280 for recent models like the Galaxy S9+. A little cheaper than iPhone screen repair perhaps, but not significantly so. Again, it’s important to bear in mind that these prices are constantly changing, so it’s a good idea to keep up to date with your research.

Consider whether you need Samsung phone insurance to give yourself that extra peace of mind that, should the unexpected happen and you’re faced with a cracked mobile phone screen, you will be able to sort it out with minimum hassle and at much less cost than relying on Samsung direct.

For €169 you get a brand new display for your Google Pixel 4 from iDoc in Europe. At launch, the flagship smartphone cost €749 here, but now the street price has normalized to less than €500. So the spare parts cost between a fifth and a third of the price of a new one, depending on the parts you need.

The South Koreans sell spare parts officially for end users on their own homepage, explains iDoc spokeswoman Sabine Raspe. “Although Samsung and Google only sell their products to certified repair shops and service partners, they do not have such extreme conditions as Apple. For example, we obtain our Samsung originals from a service partner.”

So in addition to the artificial scarcity of parts, a middleman gets a portion of the margin. I asked if it is true that some manufacturers are like bloodhounds trying to protect their spare parts monopoly?

“At Apple, you could certainly call it a bloodhound chase. Original spare parts are not available on the open market. In addition to Apple’s workshops and service partners, since last fall there are some licensed workshops that are allowed to repair with originals – under strict conditions. Apple also limits some functions after the repair, for example, TruTone.”

Mobile phone cracked screen repair – how to cover the cost:

If you’re not insured, a cracked phone screen is no doubt an expense you could do without. So, what would you do?

One option is to go to another Samsung or iPhone screen repair provider, as there are several to be found across the UK. But while they may be able to sort out the cracked phone screen, unfortunately if there are any other issues that have been caused to the delicate parts behind the screen, they may not notice and it is unlikely that they will be able to fix them.

The problem comes when these additional faults cause the phone to stop working properly – the fact you didn’t go to the device’s developer may count against you and invalidate your warranty, meaning you could be hit with additional costs anyway. Often people consider it too much of a risk to go to unregulated repairers.


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