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Gmail to Discontinue Basic HTML View in January 2024

For many years, Gmail has been the preferred email platform for businesses and individuals alike.

Offering a wide range of new and advanced features, Gmail has become a mainstream email application, simplifying email management.

In line with its continuous advancement, Google has made the decision to retire Gmail's basic HTML view, which was particularly useful during internet slowdowns. Here's what you should know about this decision.

The End of Gmail's Basic HTML View

Google support has announced that Gmail users will need to transition to the "standard" view as the basic HTML view will be discontinued starting January 2024.

The announcement reads, "You can display Gmail on your browser in Basic HTML view until January 2024. After this date, Gmail automatically changes to Standard view."

While Google did not provide a specific reason for this change, it is expected to bring benefits to users.

The HTML view version lacked advanced features found in the Gmail versions used on PCs and smartphones.

Originally developed to accommodate lower connectivity, these HTML views are considered outdated. According to a Google spokesperson,

"The Gmail Basic HTML views are previous versions of Gmail that were replaced by their modern successors 10+ years ago and do not include full Gmail feature functionality."

The HTML view primarily served legacy devices and older browsers. With the discontinuation, Google will exclusively offer the standard version, providing features such as chat, spell-checking, keyboard shortcuts, contact management, custom "from" addresses, rich formatting, and more.

While this change may pose challenges for HTML view users in terms of accessibility, especially those with older devices, the standard version offers a host of advanced features that cater to a broader user base.

The specific discontinuation date in January 2024 has not been provided in the report, but users are encouraged to prepare for the transition.


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