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Google Fiber Unveils 20Gbps Service with Wi-Fi 7

If you've been contemplating setting up your personal mini data center or aiming to stream a staggering 1,333 Netflix 4K programs simultaneously, Google Fiber has the perfect solution.

The Alphabet-owned ISP is set to introduce its 20Gbps service with Wi-Fi 7 in specific cities early next year at a monthly cost of $250 (plus taxes and applicable fees) — a reasonable price for such extraordinary speed.

"We’re initiating this service in Kansas City, North Carolina’s Triangle Region, Arizona, and Iowa," the company announced.

"As we progressively implement Nokia’s 25G PON across our network, we will extend invitations to new areas. Ensure you express your interest if you want to be among the first to experience this in your home."

Similar to Google's other Fiber offerings, the 20Gbps speeds are symmetrical, ensuring you experience them whether uploading or downloading.

Google highlights that Wi-Fi 7, providing peak wireless speeds of 40Gbps, is so cutting-edge that it hasn't received full certification yet.

The service is delivered through Google's GFiber Labs division and is facilitated by the installation of new Nokia 25G PONs (passive optical networks) as part of last-mile infrastructure upgrades.

While the plan comes with a significant price tag, it opens up intriguing possibilities.

For instance, Google guarantees multi-gig internet speeds on multiple floors of your house, thanks to the custom Wi-Fi 7 router co-created with Actiontec.

This allows plan buyers to distribute the cost across multiple users — envision 20 people enjoying 1Gbps connections for as low as $12.50 per month each.

The new plan offers four times the speed of AT&T's Elite 5Gbps fiber offering for the same $250 per month.

However, Google Fiber's challenge has never been the technology or value proposition, but rather the availability.

The company's 5Gbps and 8Gbps plans have only recently been introduced and are still limited to a few regions.

Despite being accessible in major cities such as San Francisco, Atlanta, and San Antonio, Google Fiber is notably absent in crucial markets like New York City and Los Angeles.

The 20Gbps plan is set to roll out in the mentioned cities in the first quarter of 2024. Keep in mind that achieving even a fraction of that maximum speed requires the fastest Wi-Fi on your computer (currently Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 on select models).

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