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Google's Festive Season AI Experiment

Google's Festive Season AI Experiment: Explore the Instrument Playground

As the festive season approaches, Google is unveiling a new AI experiment to spark creativity.


Simon Doury, an artist in residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab, introduces "Instrument Playground," an AI-powered tool designed to inspire music creation, drawing influence from instruments worldwide.

How It Operates:-

The tool is trained with a diverse collection of 100 musical instruments, including the Veena from India, the Dizi from China, and the Mbria from Zimbabwe.

Users can select their preferred instruments, prompting MusicLM to generate a 20-second sound clip. Google had previously released the MusicLM text-to-music AI tool to the public in May.

Users have the flexibility to enhance their prompts with adjectives like 'moody,' 'happy,' or 'romantic.' The tool accommodates festive compositions by incorporating terms like 'merry' or 'joyful.'

It enables users to play and create, offering different modes such as "Ambient," "Beat," and "Pitch" for exploring various sound effects.

Additionally, users can experiment with the sequencer in advanced mode, allowing them to layer and loop up to four instruments.

Google has curated festive jingles like "Chime Chime Ya," inspired by festive chimes, and "Ho Ho Ho," an homage to Santa Claus featuring "festive church bells" and "heavenly gongs."

Experience the Instrument Playground [here](link to the tool). However, be aware that some users reported issues with the tool, and prompts referencing specific artists may be restricted.

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