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GTA 6 Trailer Release Date - Mark Your Calendars!

  • Rockstar Games officially announces the first trailer release date for GTA 6.

  • The trailer will drop on December 5, 2023, at 9 AM ET.

  • The image confirms the setting to be Vice City.

After months of anticipation, the unveiling date for the inaugural GTA 6 trailer—a highly anticipated open-world action-adventure game from Rockstar Games—has been confirmed.

Following extensive leaks last year, speculation surrounding the new installment began, with the recent announcement finally bringing clarity to fans.

Rockstar Games officially revealed the debut trailer's release date through an announcement on their platform X (formerly Twitter). Scheduled for December 5, 2023, at 9:00 AM ET (6:00 AM PT), the studio's deliberate build-up to the unveiling included a teaser image featuring a vivid neon-pink sunset against a backdrop of palm trees, strongly hinting at a return to the iconic setting of Vice City or a modernized version.

With expectations soaring and the internet buzzing, the excitement surrounding GTA 6's imminent reveal is palpable. The official announcement on Rockstar Games' newswire website further solidified the anticipation with a prominent banner showcasing the trailer's release details.

However, fans familiar with Rockstar Games' release pattern should prepare for the usual sequence: an initial trailer, subsequent periods of silence, a subsequent gameplay trailer, previews, and eventually, the game's launch—likely almost a year from now.


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