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Instagram Testing New Feature: Polls in Comments for Enhanced Engagement

Instagram is exploring an exciting new feature aimed at increasing user engagement – polls in comments.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, shared this news through his Broadcast Channel, confirming that Instagram is currently testing this feature with a select group of users.

The functionality will extend to comments on posts and Reels.

The introduction of polls in comments can significantly enhance the user experience, especially for creators.

It provides a unique way to interact with followers and gather their input regarding the content they'd like to see. In essence, this feature has the potential to generate more interest and participation from the Instagram community.

A screenshot shared by Mosseri reveals that users will be able to see the vote count for each poll option, making it easy to determine the winner.

While the exact duration of the poll's availability is still undisclosed, more details will emerge as the feature is rolled out to all users, which should be happening soon.

Instagram has previously offered the option to create polls in Stories using a dedicated sticker, enhancing the interactivity and fun factor of Stories.

It appears that Instagram, under the umbrella of Meta, is striving to transform the platform's comments section to serve a similar purpose. As a recent example, we witnessed the introduction of the ability to respond to comments with GIFs.

The reception of the ability to create polls in comments will be closely watched, as Instagram gauges its utility and popularity.

We'll keep you informed of any updates, so stay tuned. What are your thoughts on polls in comments? Do you find them useful and entertaining? Share your opinions in the comments section below.


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