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Microsoft is removing WordPad from Windows after nearly 30 years

Microsoft to Discontinue WordPad in Future Windows Releases

Microsoft has officially stated that WordPad, a long-standing text editor bundled with Windows since 1995, will no longer receive updates and will eventually be removed from upcoming Windows releases.

Instead, Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Word for rich text documents such as .doc and .rtf files, and Windows Notepad for plain text documents like .txt files.

This move comes as no surprise, as Microsoft Word has consistently offered a far more comprehensive feature set compared to the basic WordPad application.

Word users will have access to a wide range of advanced editing and formatting options, making it the preferred choice for creating rich text documents.

In recent years, Microsoft has been streamlining its bundled applications, retiring older features, and focusing on enhancing the capabilities of its flagship products.

This decision aligns with Microsoft's strategy to provide users with more robust and feature-rich options for document editing.

While WordPad has been a familiar part of the Windows experience for many users, it has received relatively few updates over the years, with its last significant overhaul occurring with the introduction of the Ribbon UI in Windows 7.

With this change, Microsoft continues its efforts to modernize its software offerings and concentrate on more advanced solutions.

As Microsoft looks ahead to future Windows releases, this announcement signals the end of an era for WordPad, making way for more advanced and powerful tools in the world of document processing.

Stay tuned for further updates on Microsoft's software evolution, including the highly anticipated Windows 12 expected to arrive in 2024 with AI-powered features and enhancements.

In related news, Microsoft recently announced the discontinuation of its digital assistant, Cortana, on Windows 11, as the company continues to refine its software ecosystem.


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