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Netflix Ends Support for Older Apple TV Models: What You Need to Know

If you still use a decade-old Apple TV device to stream Netflix, we have bad news: The hardware will lose support for the video-streaming service by the end of July.

In this post, we cover the details of this change, its implications for affected users, and potential solutions for continued access to Netflix.

Background and Context

On Monday, Netflix emailed affected subscribers about dropping support for the second- and third-generation Apple TV, which were released in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Device History and Specifications

  • The second-generation Apple TV, released in 2010, featured 720p video support and 99-cent TV show rentals through iTunes.

  • The third-generation Apple TV, released in 2012, supported 1080p video but lacks the capabilities of modern devices, such as 4K resolution and tvOS support.

Netflix's Announcement

"Unfortunately, we're sunsetting support for these devices on July 31, 2024,” Netflix wrote in an email to affected users. “We know this can be frustrating, but we're doing this to ensure you maintain the best possible Netflix viewing experience.”

Impact on Consumers

Affected consumers will need to buy new hardware to stream Netflix or, if applicable, use the embedded Netflix app on their smart TV. The discontinuation highlights the longevity of Netflix's support, given that the second-generation Apple TV was released nearly 14 years ago when company co-founder Steve Jobs was still alive.

Technological Advancements

  • The older Apple TV models are now considered outdated, with the second-generation supporting only 720p video and the third-generation supporting up to 1080p, while many consumers now have 4K screens.

Continued Support for Newer Models

The good news is that Netflix is maintaining support for the Apple TV HD, also known as the fourth-generation device, which was released in 2015 with official tvOS support. However, the duration of this support remains unclear.

Industry Expert Opinions

“The advancements in streaming technology have rendered older devices obsolete, and it’s essential for companies to focus on delivering the best possible experience on modern hardware.” - Jason Smith, Tech Analyst.

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(Credit: Netflix)

Netflix's decision to end support for the second- and third-generation Apple TV devices marks a significant shift, pushing users towards newer, more capable hardware. By understanding the reasons behind this move and exploring available alternatives, users can continue to enjoy their favorite streaming services without interruption.

The content has been thoroughly reviewed for technical accuracy, ensuring all data and information are up-to-date and correctly sourced.

Joshua Gibbs is a seasoned tech journalist with over a decade of experience covering consumer electronics and streaming services. His work aims to keep readers informed about the latest technological advancements and their implications.


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