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Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Rumored to Debut With First One UI Test Build Surfaces

The rumor mill is abuzz with speculation surrounding the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 FE, as leaks continue to provide insights into the upcoming smartphone's features and debut timeline.

Here's the latest update on what enthusiasts can expect from Samsung's upcoming device:

1. First One UI Test Build Surfaces: Tipster Tarun Vats has unveiled details of a purported test build of One UI, Samsung's proprietary user interface based on Android, indicating progress in the development of the Galaxy S24 FE.

The appearance of this test build on Samsung's firmware server suggests that the European variant of the smartphone is undergoing rigorous testing ahead of its anticipated launch.

2. Model Numbers and Global Launch: Previous reports have hinted at multiple model numbers for the Galaxy S24 FE, including variants tailored for different regions such as North America, Korea, Canada, and others.

With model numbers like SM-S721B, SM-S721U, SM-S721W, and SM-S721N, Samsung aims to cater to diverse markets with its latest offering.

3. Potential Early Launch: Contrary to its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 FE, which debuted in October 2023, rumors suggest that the Galaxy S24 FE could hit the market earlier.

While the exact release date remains uncertain, industry insiders speculate that Samsung might unveil the smartphone alongside its Galaxy Z series and next-generation Galaxy Watch models at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for July.

4. Enhanced Features and Specifications: Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Galaxy S24 FE is expected to boast impressive specifications, including a powerful chipset—potentially the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC or Exynos equivalent—accompanied by an array of high-resolution cameras and a robust battery with fast charging capabilities.

With enhancements across the board, Samsung aims to deliver a compelling user experience with its latest flagship device.

As anticipation continues to mount, consumers eagerly await further updates and official announcements from Samsung regarding the launch and specifications of the Galaxy S24 FE. Stay tuned for more insights into one of the most anticipated smartphone releases of the year.


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