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Samsung Under Investigation After Employees Hospitalized Due to X-ray Exposure

Samsung is currently under investigation after two of its employees were hospitalized following exposure to X-rays on May 27th, South Korea’s Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC) announced.

The incident took place at Samsung’s Giheung chip plant, located about 25 miles south of Seoul, as reported by CNBC.

Incident Details and Immediate Response

The two employees were exposed to X-rays while operating a machine that utilizes X-rays to analyze materials. According to the NSSC, both employees exhibited “abnormal symptoms” on their fingers due to radiation exposure.

Although initial blood tests returned normal results, the agency plans to conduct follow-up testing to ensure the employees' health and safety.

In response to the incident, the use of the machine has been suspended.

The NSSC is working to determine the exact amount of radiation the employees were exposed to and has assured that further measures will be taken if any safety laws were violated by Samsung.

Samsung confirmed the incident in a statement to CNBC, stating that the employees “experienced accidental exposures to X-rays on their hands.”

The company has expressed its commitment to supporting the affected employees’ treatment and is fully cooperating with authorities during the investigation.

Historical Context and Safety Concerns

This is not the first time Samsung has faced scrutiny over employee safety concerning radiation exposure. In a notable case, the South Korean government linked the cancer death of a former Samsung employee in 2012 to radiation and chemical exposure she endured while working at one of the company’s factories.

In response to mounting concerns and evidence, Samsung issued an apology in 2015 to workers who had developed cancer due to working conditions in its factories. Additionally, the company established a fund to compensate the affected workers and the families of deceased former employees.

Broader Implications and Future Measures

The recent incident at the Giheung chip plant underscores ongoing concerns about occupational safety and radiation exposure in high-tech manufacturing environments. The NSSC’s investigation will be crucial in identifying potential safety lapses and enforcing stricter regulations to prevent such incidents in the future.

Samsung's proactive measures, such as suspending the use of the X-ray machine and cooperating with the NSSC, indicate the company's commitment to addressing the issue.

However, the incident also highlights the need for continuous improvement in workplace safety protocols, particularly in environments where employees are exposed to hazardous materials and radiation.

Looking Ahead

As the investigation unfolds, it will be important to monitor the NSSC’s findings and the actions taken by Samsung to enhance safety measures.

This incident serves as a reminder of the critical importance of stringent safety standards and regular monitoring in industries where workers are at risk of exposure to harmful substances.

Samsung’s history of dealing with radiation and chemical exposure cases has shown that there are significant risks involved in semiconductor manufacturing.

Ensuring the safety of employees should be a top priority, not just for Samsung but for the entire industry. The outcome of this investigation could lead to stricter safety regulations and better protection measures for workers in similar environments.

By addressing these issues head-on and making necessary improvements, Samsung can work towards preventing future incidents and ensuring a safer workplace for its employees.

The broader tech industry can also learn valuable lessons from this situation, reinforcing the need for comprehensive safety protocols and the protection of workers' health in high-risk environments.


The investigation into the recent X-ray exposure incident at Samsung’s Giheung chip plant is a critical step towards understanding and mitigating the risks associated with advanced manufacturing processes.

With the NSSC’s findings and Samsung’s cooperation, there is potential for significant improvements in workplace safety standards. Ensuring the well-being of employees in hazardous environments is paramount, and this incident highlights the ongoing challenges and responsibilities that companies face in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.


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