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Spotify Mix: A New Typeface Revolutionizing the Streaming Experience

In a move to elevate its visual identity, Spotify is rolling out Spotify Mix, a bespoke typeface designed to enhance the visual experience for its users.

This new typeface marks a departure from the Circular typeface variant previously used across Spotify’s app and desktop experiences, signaling a fresh and dynamic shift in the platform’s design philosophy.

The Evolution of Spotify Mix:

Spotify Mix is a product of collaboration between Spotify and Berlin-based foundry Dinamo Typefaces.

According to Rasmus Wängelin, Spotify’s global head of brand design, the name reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of audio culture.

The typeface is a variable font, meaning it can easily adapt its weight, width, slant, and other variables without needing separate files.

This flexibility allows Spotify to maintain a cohesive design while offering a varied visual experience across different content types.

Design Elements and Inspiration:

Spotify Mix blends features from both classic and contemporary styles, creating a distinctive and unique look.

“We subtly incorporated the shapes of sound waves to evoke a rhythmic feel,” explains Wängelin.

The combination of sharp angles and smooth curves gives the typeface a distinctive character that feels quintessentially Spotify. This thoughtful design not only modernizes the platform’s visual identity but also reinforces its connection to the world of audio.

Implementation Across the Platform:

The rollout of Spotify Mix is not limited to the app and desktop experiences.

The new typeface will be featured in everything from playlists to marketing campaigns.

Its variable nature allows for creative flexibility, enabling Spotify to customize playlist covers, promos, and other content to appear more varied while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

Global Rollout and Impact:

The new typeface will be gradually introduced, starting with languages that use Latin-based scripts and written content in Vietnamese.

Users will begin to see the updated wordmark and typeface across Spotify’s news portal and other platforms over the coming weeks. This update is part of Spotify’s broader strategy to enhance user engagement through improved visual and user interface design.


Spotify’s introduction of Spotify Mix is a significant step in the evolution of its brand identity. By prioritizing visual enhancements, Spotify not only modernizes its appearance but also enriches the overall user experience.

As Spotify Mix rolls out globally, users can look forward to a refreshed and engaging visual journey that complements the platform’s unparalleled audio offerings.

Stay tuned as Spotify continues to innovate, blending visual and auditory experiences to create a more immersive and enjoyable platform for all users. Explore the new look and feel of Spotify with Spotify Mix, where design meets dynamic audio culture.


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