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This Week in Tech: Google Introduces BigQuery Studio, Apple's Next iPhone Event, and More Tech News

ChatGPT Enterprise: Building on the immense popularity of ChatGPT, OpenAI has unveiled ChatGPT Enterprise, a specialized edition of their AI-powered chatbot application designed for businesses.

ChatGPT Enterprise enhances the existing ChatGPT with advanced privacy features and robust data analysis capabilities, catering to enterprise needs. This enterprise version offers improved performance and extensive customization options.

BigQuery Studio: At the recent Google Cloud Next conference, Google unveiled BigQuery Studio, a new addition to BigQuery, their fully managed serverless data warehouse.

BigQuery Studio streamlines the editing of programming languages like SQL, Python, and Spark, allowing for analytics and machine learning tasks at an impressive scale of petabytes. This service empowers teams to access data seamlessly and provides additional controls for enterprise-level governance, regulation, and compliance.

Upcoming iPhone Launch: Apple has scheduled its next iPhone event for September 12th. Invitations have been sent out, and the event will once again take place at Apple Park in Cupertino.

Anticipated to be the highlight of the event is the introduction of the iPhone 15, possibly accompanied by the Apple Watch Series 9, and a glimpse of the Vision Pro, Apple's AR headset, ahead of its 2024 launch.

Google Flights' Fare Insights: Google Flights introduces a new feature aimed at helping travelers make informed booking decisions. This feature utilizes historical pricing data to display when airfare to a chosen destination has typically been the lowest on selected dates. In certain cases, Google will even refund the difference if the fare drops before departure.

Security Breach of Brazilian Phone Spyware: A spyware known as WebDetetive, operating in Portuguese, has compromised over 76,000 Android phones in South America, predominantly in Brazil, over recent years. Notably, WebDetetive is the latest in a series of phone spyware companies to fall victim to hacking.

Unidentified hackers detailed the exploitation of security vulnerabilities, gaining access to WebDetetive's servers and user databases.

Amazon Raises Shipping Fees: Amazon is increasing the minimum order amount for free shipping to $35 for customers without a Prime membership in select regions.

This change comes after a previous threshold of $25. Amazon is testing the new free shipping threshold based on ZIP code regions, with everyone in the same area experiencing the same minimum.

Babylon Health Faces Challenges: Babylon Health, the London-based telehealth startup once valued at nearly $2 billion, has encountered significant difficulties. After its U.S. shares lost value, leading to insolvency, the UK subsidiary entered administration.

Concurrently, administrators sold a substantial portion of the company's assets to eMed Healthcare UK, a subsidiary of U.S. firm eMed.

EU Empowers Users with Algorithm Choice: Users across the European Union now have the ability to opt out of AI-driven content algorithms on popular social networks, thanks to the Digital Services Act.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are required to offer users the option of switching from personalized content feeds to chronological feeds featuring posts from friends.


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