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WhatsApp Beta Testing iPad Support: What to Expect

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform under the Meta umbrella, is working on bringing its chat application to Apple's iPad.

This highly anticipated feature, spotted by feature tracker WABetaInfo, is currently in the testing phase.

Here's what you can expect from WhatsApp's foray into the world of iPad support.

Companion Mode for iPad:

  • WhatsApp recently introduced companion mode, allowing users to link another iPhone or Android device to their WhatsApp account.

Now, iPad users can rejoice as WhatsApp is testing companion mode for Apple's tablets. This feature expands the convenience of using WhatsApp across multiple devices.

Enhanced Group Calling Interface:

  • In the latest Android beta release (, WhatsApp is refining its group calling interface. The improvements aim to simplify initiating group calls with the maximum number of participants allowed by WhatsApp. A streamlined experience for group conversations is on the horizon.

How to Get WhatsApp on Your iPad:

  • Users signed up for WhatsApp's testing versions via Apple's TestFlight app can now install WhatsApp on their iPad.

The tablet version is expected to have similar compatibility requirements to its smartphone counterpart, running on iOS 12 and newer.

Seamless Messaging Across Devices:

  • With companion mode, WhatsApp ensures that you can send and receive messages on your iPad, even when your primary smartphone is offline or out of battery. Stay connected without interruptions.

WhatsApp's expansion to iPad is in line with Meta's strategy to create a seamless social ecosystem across its apps.

While Messenger currently offers a decent iPad experience, bringing WhatsApp to the iPad extends its reach, especially for businesses looking to use WhatsApp for customer interactions and listings.

The enhanced group calling interface, seen in the latest beta, simplifies the process of creating and joining group calls.

You can now add all 32 participants right from the start, reducing confusion during group conversations.

WhatsApp is taking steps towards ubiquity, catering to the diverse needs of its users.

Soon, you might enjoy the convenience of WhatsApp on your bigger screen, enhancing your messaging experience across devices.

Stay tuned for updates as WhatsApp continues to evolve and expand its offerings.


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