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X Introduces 'Not A Bot' Subscription: Pay to Create New Accounts"

Ever since Elon Musk assumed control of Twitter (now known as X), the platform has been witnessing a shift towards monetization, with numerous features transitioning to paid status.

The illustrious blue tick, now part of the Premium subscription, was among the notable changes.

Now, X is rolling out a new subscription service that requires users to pay for the privilege of creating new accounts. Here's a closer look at the details.

Introducing 'Not A Bot' Subscription: Pay to Sign Up!

X has launched a trial program called 'Not A Bot,' which entails a $1 annual fee for new users signing up on the platform.

If you're considering joining the X community, you'll need to make this nominal payment before you can begin using the platform.

This subscription service is primarily designed to reduce the presence of automated bot accounts, thus minimizing spam and manipulation on the platform.

X's official statement highlights that the program was "developed to bolster our already successful efforts to reduce spam, manipulation of our platform, and bot activity while balancing platform accessibility with the small fee amount. It is not a profit driver."

Under this program, which is currently in a testing phase in New Zealand and the Philippines, new unverified accounts are required to sign up for a $1 annual subscription to gain the ability to post, interact with other posts, and access certain platform functionalities. Existing users will not be impacted by this program.

For first-time users, the process involves verifying your phone number and then opting for the 'Not A Bot' program to unlock features like posting, liking posts, reposting, quoting, and more.

Users will also have the option to subscribe to the X Premium plan. If you prefer not to pay, you'll be limited to reading posts, following others, and watching videos.

The 'Not A Bot' program's pricing is set at $1.43 NZD per year in New Zealand and ₱42.51 PHP per year in the Philippines. Whether this program will extend to other countries hinges on the response and feedback received during this trial phase.

While the subscription fee is relatively modest, it does represent a shift in the platform's direction, as more features, including basic functionalities, become paid services for both new and existing users.

This shift might discourage some users who are accustomed to free access to core features. It's important to note that this program is currently in its testing phase, and its permanence is yet to be determined.

The coming days will reveal how users respond to this initiative. In the meantime, are you willing to pay for X access? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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